Residential Projects:
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Haymaker Residence, Salisbury
Hurley Park area, James Haymaker
This new home is patterned after the coastal
cottages of the village of Carmel, CA and the
tudor cottages of the piedmont sandhills.
Huffman Pool House and Sunroom Addition
West Square Historic District, Salisbury
A delightful solution to the need for pool
storage and a guest changing room.
Messsinger Residence Addtion and
Renovation, Country Club of Salisbury
A limited rear yard posed no problem for this
gracious rear porch addition, master
bedroom and sunroom addition.
Forest Hills Urban Lofts, Wilmington, NC
Kyle & Kim Davis
3 story Mixed Use Infill Building
3rd Floor Loft Unit Living Room
Forest Hills Urban Lofts
Interior view at Dining / Kitchen
Swimmimg Pool and Master
Bedroom Addition
Stout Residence
Country Club of Salisbury area
Bauk Residence, Country Club of Salisbury
Kitchen Renovation / Addition
Bauk Residence -Kitchen
Country Club of Salisbury
Bauk Residence
Bath Renovation
Holshouser Residence Addition,
Country Club of Salisbury
Ketcham Residence  Garage and Guest
Suite Addition, Country Club of Salisbury
Stout Residence Addition, Salisbury
Gray Stout AIA
Cliff & Amy Ritchie Lake House   New Construction   Driftwood Cove     High Rock Lake